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Dr. Turchaninov graduated from Odessa Medical School in the Ukraine in 1983 with honors and was selected for the Kiev Orthopedic Institute for Scientific Research. In 1985 he finished a two-year program at this institute with specialization in trauma surgery and posttraumatic rehabilitation under the supervision of Academician K.S.Ternovoy, M.D. At the same time Dr. Turchaninov began his scientific dissertation �Surgical and Rehabilitation Treatment of Patients with Bone Defects�. He obtained his scientific degree in 1989. During his residency, Dr. Turchaninov also studied electric acupuncture under the supervision of Dr. O. Leonenko, M.D. In 1985-1988 he worked as the chief supervisor of the rehabilitation program of the Ministry of Public Health of the Ukraine. In 1990 Dr. Turchaninov graduated from the chiropractic and medical massage program designed for medical doctors in the Kiev Orthopedic Institute.

In 1988-1991 he worked as a senior scientific researcher in the Clinic of Trauma Complications in the same institute in cooperation with Professor N.K.Ternovoy. In 1992 Dr.Turchaninov moved to the USA because of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and is now living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Turchaninov is the author of 32 scientific articles and two patents in the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, European and American journals. He wrote three textbooks on medical massage in the USA: Medical Massage Volume I and Volume II, Therapeutic Massage. A Scientific Approach.

Currently Dr. Turchaninov works in his clinic in North Phoenix and actively lectures on medical massage in various educational institutions and hospitals.


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