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AESCULAPIUS or ASCLEPIUS - Greek and later Roman God of Medicine. Homer called Aesculapius “blameless physician”. According to the legends he was a son of Apollo and Cronis. His mother was beloved and impregnated by Apollo. However, she fell in love with another man and wanted to marry him. To save Apollo from complete humiliation, his sister Artemis killed Cronis by burning her to stake. Before her execution Apollo removed his unborn son from his mother’s womb and named him Asclepius or Aesculapius. Apollo gave him the ability to treat people and Aesculapius later became a great physician. His healing power was so strong that he started to raise people from the dead. Unhappy about losing the privilege of immortality Zeus killed Aesculapius with a thunder bolt.

Historians speculate that a real Greek physician is source of of this legend. They point to the description of actual medical cases treated by Aesculapius who used different natural therapeutic modalities. These stories later became the part of his legendary life. In one of such cases the patient had a deformation of the hand similar to the disorder which we now know as Dupuytren’s contracture. According to the legend, Aesculapius restored the functions of hand by stroking the deformed area. From a modern point of view it seems like one of the most ancient descriptions of soft tissue mobilization in a case of pathology of the connective tissue (i.e., palmar aponeurosis).

We chose Aesculapius as our patron because one of his healing talents was treatment through touch. Thus, Aesculapius can be viewed as a founder of now so called alternative medicine which in his times was considered as a traditional. We think that Aesculapius would be happier today if his medical procedures were restored and respected in modern medicine and society.


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